An infinite P2E game.
Conquer Infinity.

Play as your favorite ETH or SOL NFT, collect $TOWR token, hunt for airdrops, and create Residence teams. Beta launched Q1 2022. Join our Discord here to stay up to date as we continue to expand the game.

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Conquer Infinity

Tower is a P2E game based on collecting territory in the infinity. Move your character across hexs in the grid in order to connect your territory and grow. Keep growing across the infinity and watch for other players trying to take your territory and attack you.

conquer infinity

play to earn

Play to Earn

Tower as an infinite game is modeled after a simple economy. As you conquer more territory you gain more $TOWR. Join or leave the game at anytime to take your winnings. Lose them if you die. Airdrops of collaborations and giveaways occur real-time in game. Get lucky or be strategic enough to win them. Pay for and earn power-ups to perform better in game.

Play as your Favorite NFT

Bring your personality by playing with any SOL or ETH NFTs. Show them in your gallery and play with them as your character in game. Who might you come across?

play as nfts

residence flag

Your Residence, Your Team

Play with teams from your Residence to strategize and collectively perform better. Build your team with your friends, your favorite project, or anyone else. Earn more and play longer.

Tower, Constructed 2021